Naughty But Nice

Everything about Love Erotica is nice, but oh so naughty babbbyyyy! Okay ladies, I am just going to get straight to it; no faffing, no messing, just straight up real talk. The Rocks Off RO 80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet Vibrator (click me) is an absolute must. Bonus points, it’s on Sale at the moment for £9.99! I’m sure […]

The Love Erotica x RevealMe Partnership

X Today we are extremely excited to share that The Love Erotica are finally partnering with the #1 Social platform of 2020 RevealME! This partnership is absolutely massive for us because we believe that the stigma around sex work is a stigma us as a society need to work hard in stamping out. There is […]

What Is Verbal and Non-Verbal Consent?

Verbal non-consent might sound like this: No. I don’t want to. Now isn’t a good time. I need to take some time out. Can we wait a bit longer? I’m not really in the mood. I’d rather not today. Stop. I feel a bit too tired tonight. Perhaps we can cuddle instead? I’m not ready. […]

Cooking Classes

So where do i begin? Laying here wondering how will I recover, praying I catch my breathe, wondering why I never gave in earlier. Wondering how will I be able to face you knowing my indiscretion only ended moments ago. Forgive me father for I have sinned. But wait let me tell you why.It all […]

Celebrating Black Erotica Writers

In the month of October 2020, The United Kingdom will be celebrating the annual Black History Month. It is the time to recognise and give praise to the African-British or African Americans. In every field, they excel including in the niche of writing. There are a lot of well-known Black Erotic Writers who have the […]

Good Vibrations x Manda Morley

“We aim to empower couples and individuals to take charge of their sex lives and help bring them to another level” By Love Erotica Before I begin, I want to focus upon the importance of the word empowerment and why sexuality can be such a taboo amongst some individuals. Aforementioned in my Female Sexuality post, […]

Sex Toys & Disability

Almost 4% of the UK population have some form of physical, sensory or intellectual impairments which is almost 2.5 million people. Many of these disabling conditions can produce sexual problems of desire, arousal, orgasms or sexual pain regardless of having a penis or vagina.   Sexual difficulties may arise from: Direct trauma to the genital area (due […]

Things to Know About Sexual Health

Sexual health is very important; it doesn’t matter about your sexual preferences, age or civil status.You should know the things that will affect you, it may be emotionally, physically or mentally. Sometimes, it feels like your body starts to decline this is totally normal. Let us talk more and dig deep into that topic! Factors […]

sex toys

Tips on Choosing Your First Sex Toy

Deciding and buying your first toy can be fun and struggle at the same time. The Love Erotica is here to give tips on choosing your first sex toy and we have different variety of options to choose from. Our goal is to empower couples and individuals to explore new things and spice up their […]


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