Sex Toys & Disability

Almost 4% of the UK population have some form of physical, sensory or intellectual impairments which is almost 2.5 million people. Many of these disabling conditions can produce sexual problems of desire, arousal, orgasms or sexual pain regardless of having a penis or vagina. 

 Sexual difficulties may arise from:

  • Direct trauma to the genital area (due to either accident or disease).
  • Damage to the nervous system such as spinal cord injury.
  • An indirect consequence of a non-sexual illness (cancer of any organ may not directly affect sexual abilities but can cause fatigue and reduced to desire or ability to engage in sexual activity)

The two main points for consideration are how disabling conditions affect sexual function and behaviour on which sexual difficulties most commonly arise.

  1. Lubido water-based lubricant 500ml £9.99

Great for the vagina that can’t produce their own natural lubricants due to medications or health conditions.  The pump bottle is spill-proof with an easy dispense water-based lubes are the easiest to clean. Get it here

2. Svakom Emma Mini £54.99

Svakom Emma Mini

Unlike other bulky wands, Emma is Sleek and lightweight with a bendable head to suit your desires. The one provides a great amount of grip, with also the option to go completely hands-free,  the bubblehead is 1.5 in wide that will guarantee to hit the spot without the need for coordination. Get it here

3. Tammy Cock rings £56.95.

Tammy Cock rings

Tammy comes with dual bands that can be worn around both the base of the penis and scrotum, delaying orgasms and enabling you to stay erect for longer. The small motor sends strong pulses to the wearer scrotum stimulating the whole of the penis and also the partners clit/ anus when pressed on. Get it here

4. Clit Teaser The Satisfyer Pro 2 £49.99.

Satisfyer Pro 2

This all-time favourite item is ideal for everyone and they mean it. The Satisfyer Pro 2 provides touch-free pressure wave stimulation so that if you’ve had to worry about pelvic sensitivity, you wouldn’t have to now. It’s lightweight with an ergonomic grip handle, that’s also a good length to be squeezing between 5 for a hands-free experience. Get it here

5. Satisfyer Vibrating Masturbator £44.99

Satisfyer Vibrating Masturbator

Generally, vibrations to the penis have helped 80% of people with SCI achieve erections,  however, there are different levels to the seriousness of one’s injury. It is always best to seek advice from your doctor first. If you’re looking for a non-medical penis vibrator, this is a non-thrusting masturbator with a gentle circumference grip and optimum power to send your penis straight into its senses. Get it here

6. Panty vibrator Fifty Shades of Grey £79.99

Vibration is key!  If you are not into penetration and find clip focus toys a bit tedious. Then slip this baby right into your panties while it sends vibrations that stimulate every nerve in your body, sit back relax and enjoy yourself in private, or wear it out and hand over the remote to your partner for some public foreplay. Get it here

Comment below for the next series on what you’d like us to cover.


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