The Love Erotica

Naughty But Nice

Everything about Love Erotica is nice, but oh so naughty babbbyyyy! Okay ladies, I am just going to get straight to it; no faffing, no messing, just straight up real talk. The Rocks Off RO 80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet Vibrator (click me) is an absolute must. Bonus points, it’s on Sale at the moment for £9.99! I’m sure […]

The Love Erotica x RevealMe Partnership

X Today we are extremely excited to share that The Love Erotica are finally partnering with the #1 Social platform of 2020 RevealME! This partnership is absolutely massive for us because we believe that the stigma around sex work is a stigma us as a society need to work hard in stamping out. There is […]

What Is Verbal and Non-Verbal Consent?

Verbal non-consent might sound like this: No. I don’t want to. Now isn’t a good time. I need to take some time out. Can we wait a bit longer? I’m not really in the mood. I’d rather not today. Stop. I feel a bit too tired tonight. Perhaps we can cuddle instead? I’m not ready. […]

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